Maiden trip of the Shtandart (2000)

The Governor presented the captain with the royal standard of Peter the Great, giving the ship the right to fly the flag. This was Peter the Great's personal flag, which he flew on the original Shtandart as the flagship of his navy. A yellow flag with the black design of a double-headed eagle, this became the imperial Russian flag. 'Shtandart' became the traditional name for royal Russian yachts, and several were built after Tsar Peter's. The last was a beautiful steam yacht belonging to Tsar Nicholas, the last of Romanovs. A model can be seen in the Central Naval Museum, St Petersburg. The official Russian naval flag is the St Andrews cross, a blue cross on a white ground which is also part of the Union Jack. This was presented to Captain Martous by Admiral Kornilov of the St. Petersburg Navy Base during the departure ceremony on June 25 in recognition of the historical importance of Shtandart in the Russian navy, although the replica ship is not part of the navy. The ship thus has the right to fly two official Russian flags.

St. Petersburg 25 June Leaves the home port
Zaandam 4-9 July
Brest 12-17 July (where it will participate in Brest 2000)
Douarnezc17-21 July (where it will participate in Douarnenez 2000)
Saint-Malo 23-26 July
Southampton 29-31 July (where it will participate in the Oceans and World Carnival)
Portsmouth 1-5 Aug (where it will berth at the Camber Quays)
London 7-14 Aug (where it will berth at the London Bridge City Pier just ahead of HMS Belfast)
Harwich 15-17 Aug (where it will berth at the Ha'penny Pier)
Rotterdam 18-23 Aug
Amsterdam 24-28 Aug (where it will participate in the Sail Amsterdam 2000 Festival)
Bremerhaven 30 Aug-5 Sept (where it will participate in the Sail Bremerhaven 2000 Festival)
Wilhelmshaven 6-12 Sept (where it will participate in the sail and Steam Festival)
Delfzjjl 13-18 Sept
Enkhuizen 21-25 Sept
Lelystad 26-28 Sept
Kiel 1-2 Oct
Borholm 5-6 Oct
Stockholm 8/9 Oct
Mariehamn 11-12 Oct
St. Petersburg 15 October The ship returns home

While in port, Shtandart will be open to visitors at times to be advertised locally and, under full sail, will be an impressive and attractive sight.

Shtandart will enter service in 2001 as a sail training ship, supported byRussian, British and Dutch sponsors and made available to youngsters from all over Europe.