Royal Transport

Royal Transprot; The yacht of William of Orange

Royal Transport

Royal Transport, the royal yacht of William of Orange, was a unique ship. Her revolutionary rigging and advanced hull shape made her ahead of her time for more than 100 years.
A new age of international relations opened when William the Third, King of Britain and Stadhouder of the Netherlands, presented Royal Transport to Tsar Peter during his visit in 1698. As a result trade links with Russia increased, and 150 seamen and shipbuilders from Britain and Holland sailed to Russia on board of the Royal Transport, to help build the new Russian navy.
This ship was famous as the fastest in the British navy and the lines of many Russian ships were influenced by the design of Royal Transport

To develop the experience obtained while building the frigate Shtandart and to find out more about historic ships, a replica of Royal Transport is being built in St. Petersburg. It continues the mission of Shtandart to involve young people from different nations, giving them the chance to gain much needed competence, self esteem and the ability to overcome the difficulties of modern life - in short, it will help to create a better future for our countries.

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