Homepage of my Shtandart pictures

These pages are dedicated to the Shtandart. I have been involved in this great project for a few years.This is my (small) contribution to bring this boat more known to the world. Here is some information about this ship, which has been build with the help of many people in the friendly shipyard in St. Petersburg near Smolny.

Use the names in the left panel or use the photo-index for selecting one of the 65 pictures. It is free to use these pictures, you only have to tell me in advance by email! I have better digital version of all pictures and if you want me to, I can mail them to you. Download times of the ones on the site can still be substantial. The .jpg files are 55 to 80 Kb.

If you want to email Vladimir Martous, the captain of the Shtandart, you can click here. It is not sure he can reply on very short notice, because as you can understand, sometimes the boat is sailing. The address for normal mail is:
Vladimir Martous
195112 St. Petersburg
P.O. Box 100, Russia
tel/fax: + 7 812 271 1940
E-mail: shtandart@wanadoo.nl

You can find the following on these pages: